We have REACHED OUR GOAL of $1,000 for performing Qiana Drew <3

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6 week meditation course with Sam is now available to access all lectures on demand! 


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You can do a full body toning Kickboxfit class with 5X world champion Catherine Brady.


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30 minute high-intensity interval training with Diabadass instructor Eoin Costelloe. 


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All levels yoga with instructor Rachel Zinman author of "Yoga for Diabetes."


Community Class Saturdays - 10am EDT

Reconnect breath and body with New York City based yoga instructor Mia Fasanella. 60 minute class.


Strengthening our community, one class at a time:


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You attend and make a difference.

We are coming together to create the first $1,000 Diabadass Grant to support artist and vocalist Qiana Drew. Her and I met over two years ago at the first Diabadass Retreat, as the guest to Sarah MacLeod. Qiana opened up about her journey with diabulimia (the dangerous combination of omitting insulin to lose weight), raising two girls as a single-mother while managing this disease, and her dream to self-produce an album to raise hope, awareness, and funds for the diabetes community.

She is already producing the closing song for the global, collaborative film Together Type by Diabadass Productions. You can spread her voice by attending any of our classes.


You're part of the first Diabadass Workouts

Diabadass instructors have you in mind as we link workouts with blood sugars, breath, and mental health. Sweat it with some of the best in our community.


"This was absolutely incredible I love connecting with the diabetic community. These are hard times and practicing yoga with another diabetics uplifts me. I feel like I am a better mom and teacher when I get to practice."

Rena Rossi
Mother, Special-ed Teacher, Runner

How do Diabadass Workouts make us stronger?

  1. Learn directly from Diabadass instructors like Mia, Eoin, Rachel, and Sam who live with diabetes
  2. Workouts specifically created with diabetes in mind - both physically and mentally
  3. Follow along at any time from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone
  4. See the tubing, the beeps, the pauses to treat low from instructors who are like you
  5. Ask your questions directly to instructors

Diabadass Workouts are here to make us badass diabetics.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. Yoga with Diabetes with Mia, HIIT with Eoin Costello, and meditation with Sam Tullman are all starts to series. Tell our team what you'd like to see next.

If you are like me (it's Erik here), then sometimes you feel alone in a class.

You know that diabetes bag we sneak into class? All of our life-saving supplies are hidden for that just-in-case situation with quick glances at the phone to check blood sugars, a fast snack to keep going while preventing a low, or a moment pause to check blood sugars.

Diabadass instructors are like you and me. All of them are impacted by diabetes - directly having it or having a close tie.

You'll see Mia's pump tubing as she stretches and folds. You'll hear beeps and alarms. That is the beauty of it.

Diabetes is what makes us badasses. We do this yoga session together because of this disease. We are stronger together because we are all going through this as one.

The next step is having you join a class. Consider starting your 7 day trial today.

  1. Sign up for any class
  2. You'll receive email instructions with the link to the live class
  3. Any questions, reach out
  4. You can watch on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone at any time

Members of Diabadass have access to every course, every summit, every group call. Each live class is recorded and added to series available 24/7 for members.


Most of the Diabadass instructors offer personal training and additional workout material. Visit their websites to learn more. We are happy to make connections to continue your journey of health and happiness.


No need to sweat it alone

"You only see the end results. I struggled for years to consider myself an athlete. It's only by going step-by-step that every goal has become reality. You are in a safe community to learn from the best, with a smile."

Erik Douds, Founder of Diabadass
12+ Years Living with T1D

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