Diabadass Summit:
Face Fear

An online series of personal stories to bring badass diabetics together in a time of uncertainty

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April 3rd to 5th

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Welcome to the Diabadass Community

We are excited to have you. Only together can the magic of the summit come out in conversations and this badass community. Meet your hosts Erik Douds and Matt Scott as they interview world-class speakers in the diabetes community.



Meet the Front-Line

Want to know what is really going on? Hear from our medical professional and organizations about how COVID-19 is impacting our community now and in to the future.

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Allison Nimlos, MA, LAMFT

Let's talk with a licensed therapist who knows the intersection between chronic illness, anxiety, relationships, and life transitions.

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Dr. Apoorva Gomber

Sharing insights to India's COVID-19 response as a medical staff and person living with type 1 diabetes.

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Peggy Kraus

There is a shift to no more office visits, even before the outbreak. Will Skype increase access to new knowledge?

Daniele Hargenrader

Dr. Mark Heyman

The infodemic along with everything else can add a mental toll on top of diabetes management.

Your Questions Answered


Sharing in times of isolation

Our mental health shares the invisible trait of COVID-19. These warriors open up about their battles to strengthen our entire community.

Eoin Costelloe

Rob Howe

We're spending more time behind the screen comparing ourselves to the world. What can we do to re-focus our own "core" services?

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Daniele Hargenrader

She helps people think, eat, and move intuitively - through the powers of conscious choice, self-love and community.

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Qiana Drew

Singer and actress who performed with the likes of Missy Elliot until her battle with diabulimia made it impossible to ignore her management.

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Brandon Mouw

No stranger to facemasks, he has an inspirational story about life before and after a pancreas transplant.


Guiding us to move and eat

Take 5-15 minutes following our coaches to move our bodies at home, prepare healthy snacks, and take time for ourselves

Eoin Costelloe

Eoin Costelloe

Earn a little sweat from your own home. As an online diabetes personal coach, Eoin is no stranger to building stronger diabetics all around the world.

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Sahil om Madan

Move and stretch from your desk with my new T1D friend from north India.

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Mia Fiorentina

Hailing from New York City, she grounds her community in regular yoga practices that we can all do right at our computer.

Forward Together

Fueling our inner motivation for change

If you are like me, your journal is seeing some much needed love. This closing series of stories is motivation to come out bolder and re-energized for the rest of the year.

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Jeremy Robertson

He is a former international airline pilot who changed careers to become a doctor after he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in his early 30's.

Eoin Costelloe

Carla Jean Medley

In 2015, Jean was five feet tall, 325 pounds and an insulin dependent Type II Diabetic. One day, she decided to get up and move...

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Mila Clarke Buckley

Sharing her story online as TheHangryWoman, we discuss how this global pause with COVID can give us time to think about the way we build empathy.

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Scott Johnson

He finds great joy in encouraging others to share their stories, learning from people, and learning to ask better questions.

Robin Cressman

Robin Cressman

What's a lesson coming out of being put into the national spotlight with NYTimes and Lester Holt?

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