Plant Powered Diabetes with Amy McKinnon

A plan of action to help you eat more plant powered, purchase health at the grocery store, and motivation to cook with the ones you love.


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Want to feel confident in your kitchen and actually see more vegetables on the plate?

You don't have to doubt if it can work for you.

The transformation can happen at any moment.

"Amy has given me the confidence to alter my diet by being an example to look up to each and every day. She leads by disciplined example and soon you begin sneaking more and more healthy alternatives into your life."

Erik Douds, Founder of Diabadass & member of Beyond Type Run
12+ Years Living with T1D

How does Amy make it easy to live plant powered?

  1. Cook with Amy in her own kitchen through videos
  2. Download the Amy McKinnon Nutritional Recipe e-book
  3. EXCLUSIVE: Download the grocery list for the e-book
  4. Nutritional guidance that includes carbohydrate counts & diabetics specific insights
  5. A smiley face to CHEER YOU ON

We want to live a long and healthy life. Amy makes it easy to take the first step!


Amy is the team nutritionist for the Diabetes Sports Project. She's ready to have you become part of her team.

Imagine Making THIS Recipe

Diabadass courses are broken down into step-by-step stages that are easy to follow. Every day has a task to complete to get you set up.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. The course comes with the Amy McKinnon Nutritional Recipe e-book AND the grocery list to go along with it.
  1. Welcome to Plant Powered Diabetes
  2. Follow Along with Amy's Recipe Book
  3. Your HEARTY breakfast (3 recipes to try!)
  4. Filling Lunch Meals
  5. 3 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas
  6. Desserts that don't MOO at YOU
  7. T1D Health Coaches

You are like me (it's Erik here). I met Amy when she lived in New York City and learned about her plant powered diet.

She is the first person to make me frozen banana ice cream...YUM.

She is the only person to convince me to run a marathon...WHAT?

She is fun-loving, smiley, and has a charming Australian accent to help you START eating more plants :)

YES. Watch "Forks over Knives" to ignite that flame. Amy mentions other people she follows for daily inspiration in the course.

Follow Amy on Instagram for posts about running, recipes, and her adventurous life:


She has a fantastic one-month personalized coaching program offering email support.

You are in the right place if you want more specific information or details, want to learn from an expert athlete, or could use Amy's insight as a parent or teenager.

More details are available here:

Hi everyone, meet Amy McKinnon!

I am a nutritionist, type 1 diabetic and long-distance runner, dedicated to working with people to achieve ultimate health and happiness through nutrition coaching.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2000, during my first year of high school.

I changed to a plant-based lifestyle in August, 2013. This not only greatly improved my overall health and energy levels, but also greatly improved my diabetes management and athletic performance.

Over the course of the past 6 years I have run ten marathons, qualifying for the Boston marathon four times. Most recently I have been running longer distances including 52 miles in the Grand Canyon National Park - RimtoRimtoRim. My biggest adventure to date.

In 2016, to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes, I ran 40 half marathons while traveling alone around Latin America.

I am also a Diabetes Sports Project Athlete and their team nutritionist, providing nutritional recommendations and coaching to their athletes who live with diabetes. 

I found my healthiest way of living after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives. From there I initiated self-driven study through books, online courses and educational documentaries.

This led me to to begin my nutrition business, helping others live a healthy life through food and its infiltration of our mind, body and soul.

Ready for Plant Powered Diabetes!



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