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Kind Words from Kind People

“Loop. You are the greatest thing that had happened to me in my 32 years of #T1D. This new normal is like nothing I have ever experienced. I mean, what do I think about when I no longer have #diabetes on the brain 24-7? ”

Jen Hanson (@j2hanson) T1D for 32+ years

“Setting up Loop is like going skydiving for the first time. You may not know how to do it, or what to expect, but you don't have to because you are guided through the process from start to finish.”

Shaylyn Maloney (@Whatsshaykin) T1D for 22+ years

“After some trepidation & research, I finally got all my components to start looping and never looked back!! Erik's eye opening experiences helped this T1D be better managed and helped my daughter too. Today, we are practically family...”

Jerry Brzozowski