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What makes 7 DAYS TO LOOP beneficial:

  • Step-by-step videos to guide you through set up
  • Direct links to the items you need to buy
  • Experience from staying in the homes of 50+ T1Ds across the US
  • A smiley face to CHEER YOU ON

You deserve to try it. I'm here to make it simple and easy!

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ALL instructions to begin looping are available through the open-source project LoopDocs.org

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"Getting up and running on Loop is not as hard as you think, and there is so much help available (like this). You can totally do it!"

Scott Johnson, writer for ScottsDiabetes.com
38+ Years Living with T1D

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Diabadass courses are broken down into step-by-step stages that are easy to follow. Every day has a task to complete to get you set up.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. Loop can be set up with the Omnipod Eros system.
  • Do you have a big bulky PDM? Loop works with that Omnipod.

You need one piece of hardware called a Riley Link ($149)

You'll become an Apple Developer ($99/year)

Total: $248

  • Welcome to Looping + What You Need To Get Started
  • Finding a Loop compatible insulin pump (complete the LOOP checklist PDF above)🕵️‍♀️
  • Day 01. Order Your RileyLink + Learn How to Set Up Your Riley Link (when it arrives)
  • Day 02. Update MacOS and install Homebrew 
  • Day 03. Become an Apple Developer 🤓
  • Day 04. Download and Setup Xcode 🌜
  • Day 05. Common Questions You Need Answered Before Looping
  • Day 06. Building and Setting Up Loop App
  • Resources
  1. Yes, you need an iPhone (or iPod touch)
  2. You need access to a Mac to install and update the app.

Yes. Every step is available at www.loopdocs.org

7 Days to Loop exists to give you an easy-to-follow video course with a smile!

Learn to Loop with Erik!

Hey there, I’m Erik Douds and I was sitting in your seat not too long ago. Loop is intimidating but not if you've got a guide!

My family is pretty passionate about this community since we have been a part of it since 1940 - I inherited this disease over ten years ago.

Loop and I biked over 1,000 miles with Annalisa van den Bergh from Los Angeles, California out to Sante Fe, New Mexico; Loop made it to the peak of the Chilkoot Pass alongside 20 other T1Ds in The Yukon; Loop is in my Rhone running shorts for NYC marathon training with Beyond Type 1; Loop keeps me steady while training with Scott Johnson for the JDRF 100 mile Death Valley Ride. Trust me - we can use it for almost any situation you throw at it.

So many families I meet want to set up this system but cannot make it through the documentation. That is why this course exists - you get a guide.

My passion for this system comes from the fact that I truly believe in it. Loop is the only system that matches me. It's unique enough to match you, too. That is why I believe in Loop.

Ready to get your first night of Loop sleep and more?

Let me guide you through the setup so you can begin managing diabetes using a smartphone + access our other courses

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