2021 Diabadass Holiday Gift Guide: inspired and tested by badass diabetics

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2021

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Welcome to the first annual list of gear and gifts that are tested or designed by badass people living with diabetes. Every item is hand-picked with genuine care that is only available because of our member-supported community here at

Thank you again to all of our Founding Members who make it possible to spotlight talented creators in our collective space: we're on a holiday push to reach 100 founding members, click here to support this dream.

As the curator of this list (wave hello on Instagram: @erikdouds), you have my guarantee from my own 14+ years with type 1 diabetes, 10,000+ miles of cycling with #T1D former teammate Annalisa van den Bergh (@annalisavdbergh), 60+ stays in the homes of families impacted by diabetes, and the family legacy starting with my grandfather being diagnosed in the 1940s that shopping and supporting any of these projects for the holidays, or any day after, will benefit our community and cause.

What impact will you make by sharing this list?

Former NFL player and recipient of Oprah’s publishing blessing, Emmanuel Acho, shares in his book “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” about the feedback power of supporting authors who advocate through their own truth and story:

As more of these projects become profitable, more of them will exist in the world.

Every project that is successful helps all generations fight stereotypes and brings us a greater sense of empathy.

Happy holidays from Denver, Colorado. Enjoy the list and let us know what is missing...

01. PAY OR DIE: Tote Bag ($25+ contribution)

America has an insulin crisis. Your $25+ contribution to the PAY OR DIE GoFundMe starts an important conversation in your home, standing in the grocery line, and wherever you bring the tote. Funds benefit the production of a documentary directed by Scott Ruderman who lives with type 1 diabetes featuring personal stories from mothers like Nicole Smith-Holt who lost her son Alec at the age of 26 due to insulin rationing.

Donate $25+ to receive your PAY OR DIE tote (visit the GoFundMe)

02. Artwork by doctor Mike Natter ($150 Insulin Love)

Dr. Mike Natter (@mike.natter) is a diabadass hero who works the front lines in New York City during the COVID pandemic. His illustrations are a humorous masterpiece to peak inside the mental weight and physical demands of being a medical professional. He does not shy away from talking about colleagues who have passed, his experience managing type 1 diabetes, and more than anything using his creativity as a way to share his story with the world.

Limited stock available of Mike's "Insulin Love" print ($150)

View Mike's entire store of pins, stickers, and prints ($10)

03. Revo sunglasses: the unofficial DIABADASS sunglasses sponsor ($100-200 use code: DIABADASS)

I have biked coast-to-coast across America (yes, a bicycle you pedal with your legs) wearing Revo sunglasses. Revo and I have gone on adventures to the base of Denali mountain (the highest point in America) as well as cycling 100 miles with Scott Johnson, PK Steffen, and coach Pat (all super-star dads impacted by a life with type 1 diabetes) in Death Valley National Park to raise over $2 million for JDRF (click here to watch on YouTube).

Thank you to Revo and founding member Peter Friedfeld for supporting Diabadass over the years through our film and speaking events.

Make Revo the unofficial sunglasses of Diabadass this holiday season. Use code "DIABADASS" at checkout.

04. Riley Link Orange Case ($165)

The do-it-yourself automated insulin delivery system known as Loop has changed the way I manage my blood sugars (take the Diabadass Loop course to get setup). While coaching clients across the United States (and the world), I am always excited to discover new improvements. The Riley Link Orange Case is perfect for any current Loopers who are looking for a backup Riley Link or like to forget about daily charging requirements.

Riley Link Orange Case is powered from (2) AAA batteries that have to be replaced about every 3 weeks. Plus, everyone else will be jealous of your custom orange "Airpods" case (shhh: we know it is a medical device.)

Purchase the Riley Link Orange Case for Loop $165

05. Lava Linens ($44 mini to $140 luxe - use code "DIABADASS")

We have allies in the disability and outdoor space.  I posted on the popular Facebook group Basecamp Outdoor about representing disabilities in the outdoor space as someone living with type 1 diabetes (advocacy note: diabetes is a federally recognized "disability" under the Americans with Disability Act.)

A few direct messages later, the founder of Lava Linens shares her own story about living with a disability. Women-owned and based in Boulder, Colorado, Lava Linens is my adventure towel that can be taken anywhere.

Shop the incredible Lava Linens mini as a fun stocking stuffer for your next adventure. Use code "DIABADASS" at checkout.

06. Dario Blood Glucose Meter ($25)

My friend Peter Friedfeld (and Founding Member of has been using this blood glucose meter for years. He first showed it to me at the Diabadass New York City retreat. Luckily, it is now available on Amazon at an affordable price and comes with test strips (making this a good "Oh SH** I forgot..." emergency order meter.)

There is a major upside to the one downside...your iPhone becomes your blood glucose meter!!!!!!!! I can confirm it works with the iPhone 12+.

The small catch is there is an Android-specific and Apple-specific meter when ordering. I believe this meter is so slick that the Diabadass community had to know. Plus, I forget things sometimes when traveling...

Shop the slickest blood glucose meter + best Amazon option ($25)

07. Myabetic Bag ($50 Hero Henry Bag)

Style not shame. Myabetic has become the go-to for bags specifically designed to carry everything diabetes.

Do they design bags for men, too? Yes!

Dr. Jerry Brzozowski is one of the first American pilots to get a commercial pilot's license while living with type 1 diabetes, due to updates in Federal Aviation Administration protocols in 2020 (to my understanding.) You can watch him and I fly together both wearing our insulin pumps and Myabetic bags packing snacks ready for the skies.

One huge personal shoutout to Myabetic's small but mighty team for also hosting the Myabetic Awards to recognize families and creators in the diabetes community.

My everyday Myabetic bag is the Henry Hero Fanny Pack ($50)

08. Strong Mama by Robin Arzon ($17.98)

Did you know the Head Instructor at Peloton lives with type 1 diabetes? Robin Arzon is an ultra-marathoner, author of the NYTimes Best Seller "Shut Up and Run", New Yorker, and yes...a total Diabadass. Personally, I am inspired by her openness throughout her entire pregnancy journey on her Instagram account (@robinnyc). Pre-order her newest children's book Strong Mama illustrated by Mexican artist Addy Sonda. 

Note: I do not have a copy (yet) and cannot confirm whether she specifically mentions her own journey with type 1 diabetes in her children's book...but still go get it!!!

Shop "Strong Mama" and support local book stores

09. New World CBD ($50 Diabadass Starter Kit - use code DIABADASS across entire site

Designed in partnership with the New World CBD team...I created the Diabadass CBD Starter Kit from my own experiences searching for tools to recover from the demanding stress I put on my body both mentally and physically.

New World CBD is a family-owned company directly impacted by type 1 diabetes through their son, Justin.

You have my promise these are good people who have a hemp farm outside of Portland, Oregon. They own, test, and track the product from growing the seed to delivery in stores across the nation or to your doorstep in any U.S. state. That is why New World CBD is trusted by national brands like Hudson News in the airport or Safeway grocery stores.

The Diabadass Starter Kit contains a tincture that I use everyday before bed along with honey sticks infused with hemp that I use to treat low blood sugars.

Every purchase of the Diabadass CBD Starter Kit directly benefits our film and advocacy work. Use code DIABADASS at checkout.

10. Frio Bag ($28 for Frio Duo Cooler)

The answer to keeping your insulin cool anywhere in the world. Thanks to an introduction by podcast show host Rob Howe of Diabetics Doing Things, Frio has been a sponsor of my most recent six month trip bike touring the southern part of India to film Miles of Portraits: a series about the people you meet while riding your bike around the world.

The water-activated gel cooling pouches replace the need to rely on ice cubes or access to refrigerated to keep insulin in safe temperature ranges while traveling. Simply run the Frio pack under water to activate.

I have used their products in southern India, across America, on hikes in Canada, and also while biking around town at home.

Keep your insulin cool with the $28 Frio Duo Cooler

11. Pre-Order Miles of Portraits: India ($20)

Could you imaging bicycling 1,000kms in southern India while managing type 1 diabetes? Annalisa van den Bergh (@annalisavdbergh) and I spent about a month documenting the people we met on our first international bike tour, prompted by a wedding invitation from her college friend. This trip resulted in me spending lockdown in Bangalore for 4+ months.

Our cycling work has led to the cover story of Adventure Cyclist featuring Annalisa taking a shot of insulin with over 100,000+ print copies distributed. You can read that article here.

Support Annalisa's dream to bicycle the world by ordering a copy today.

12. External battery charger ($24.99 for the Anker 10000mAh)

 Our smart phone is a medical device. Despite insurance companies best efforts to deny our coverage and go against an in-network doctor's medical prescription, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) have become more widely available and accurate enough to no longer even need calibration. Quick advocacy win: congrats to Savannah for successfully suing for personal CGM coverage in the state of Colorado (read her story)

The Anker 10000 is a smallish medium-large external charger that has powered my iPhone to view Dexcom G6 blood sugar readings and power Loop - the DIY artificial pancreas: buy a backup external power source today.


13. Diabadass sticker ($17/m to access all courses)

Founding Members of will officially receive this exclusive sticker in the mail. Above my desk hangs ten sheets of paper each with 100 circles. One-by-one, I fill them in as we reach our goal and vision to have 1,000 members supporting this platform to help share our authentic voice and story. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Join our goal and vision to have 1,000 Founding Members today.

14. “DIABETIC” hoodie ($35 to $50)

Do you mind being called a "DIABETIC"? Rob Howe, host of the popular podcast Diabetics Doing Things, is on the side that he doesn't mind the term. He recently posted the origin story of this "DIABETIC" sweatshirt when hearing the news of designer Viril Abloh's passing who added the words "FOR WALKING" on a pair of sneakers (read the post honoring Mr. Abloh.)

Add the "DIABETIC" hoodie to your holiday list so we can match!

15. The Diabetic Health Journal by Lauren Bongiorno ($34.99 on Amazon)

Lauren and I first met at a rock climbing gym in Brooklyn, NY. I instantly saw how she is bold, hilarious, confident, and not afraid to take on new challenges.

Lauren is the Head Coach and founder of Risely Health to offer group coaching, educational courses, and a close diabetes community for women and families.

The Diabetic Health Journal is a perfect tool to put pen to paper about our relationship with blood sugars in year one or thirty-four plus years with type 1 diabetes.

I haven't personally used the DHJ but know from Connected in Motion Slipstreams (think adult diabetes summer camp) that this is a favorite in our community.

Add the Diabetic Health Journal for anyone who enjoys putting pen to paper ($34.99)

16. #Insulin4All or Diabadass Stickers by The Diabetic Survivor ($4 on

It's time to stick advocacy on your laptop. For the price of a coffee, you can be the proud owner of some of my favorite stickers in the diabetes community. Enough said.

Shop the #Insulin4All sticker ($4)

Shop the Diabadass stickers (4 for $4)

View the entire store and have fun, laugh, and advocate

17. Rhone running shorts ($68 Mako Shorts)

Sub 4:00 hour NYC marathon pace. I had the privilege to represent Beyond Type One in the 2019 New York City marathon to finish with a time of 3:51:59 (curious about the fueling plan or using Loop for long-distance? Check out my YouTube recap here).

Rhone is a men's athletic brand based in NYC and co-founded by CEO Nate Checketts who is a Diabadass with type 1 diabetes. I travel with two pairs of their 7" Mako shorts (5 stars with 1,087 reviews) because they are comfortable, have a dreamy cozy inner liner for workouts, and have pockets for my keys, snacks, and insulin needs.

Purchase a pair of Rhone shorts for your next workout

18. Dot Art by Jade, an Etsy store ($28.65 for Christmas Ornaments - use code DIABADASS at checkout)

Artwork inspired to reduce stress and anxiety (and bring in sooo much beauty.) Jade is a Canadian-artist and founding member of Diabadass who custom paints everyday objects to transform them into one of a kind pieces.

Jade's artwork reminds me to zoom out and see the beauty that comes from all the small moments that shape who we are because of our journey overcoming the obstacles of this disease. Forever grateful for Jade showing up to countless Diabadass events and cannot wait to have a physical piece of her work in my home.

Purchase a Christmas or holiday ornament $28.65 or simply enjoy virtual window shopping - use code DIABADASS at checkout

19. Type One Together (DIASAURUS $39.99)

Whether it is Lia the Llama, KoKo the Koala, or the Diasaurus, a diabetes stuffed animal is the perfect gift for any age. Founded by Diabadass Raquel Barron (@typeonetogether), Type One Together is a community and store for the diabetes community.

You will also discover stickers, bracelets, cute keychains, and expanding portfolio of ways to have a diabuddy alongside your every adventure.

You can match me with a Diasaurus sticker on your road bike as motivation to push harder or laugh at the highs and lows we get throughout our long rides.

Shop diabetes stuffed animals, stickers, bracelets, and more:

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Erik + The Diabadass Crew

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